Sunday, December 20, 2009

Minor Updates

Since time passes by at alarming rates these days, I thought I'd do a quick update with just a couple of things we are up to.

In the last two months all the boys in our family have had birthdays. L turned 1; A turned 4; and J turned 30! It's been a full, fun time of year.

L is finally gaining a little more confidence in walking and is also finally getting another tooth. That still only makes three. He's got another two or three on the verge of bursting through, though. He's been a little hard to handle because of all the discomfort. Last week the boys and I all got sick. The boys both had ear infections, A had a viral infection in his lungs and I had pink eye. Tell me. How does the mom get pink eye in both eyes if neither child has it. Oh well. We are finishing up our last doses of antibiotics today and hopefully everyone will stay relatively healthy through Christmas.

We're keeping busy trying to keep warm. It's been at least a week since we've seen above freezing temperatures. Gratefully we haven't had any ice storms like this time last year. We finished putting the next wood seal plate and new roof on the house earlier this year and hope that will keep us from getting the terrible leaking like last winter.

A is having a ball at preschool. He just loves his class of 14 boys and his two teachers. He is absolutely certain there are elves that live in the ceiling of the school (he says his teacher told them they live there and are watching to make sure they are good boys). Everyday he comes home with fun projects, games, stories and activities. He's so interested in letters, and sounds and reading and writing. Even though he'll be at the very youngest end of his class, he will be a happy kindergartner next year.

A few months ago I was approached about training to be a Weight Watchers leader. With in two weeks of training me, they offered me a job and my own meeting. It has been so much fun. A few weeks ago they also offered me another meeting. It is a fun way to stay connected to my health and wellness goals as well as help people to work through difficult things in their lives and reach their own goals. And it doesn't hurt that they pay me. Not much, but a little extra is nice. J says it is my running money: it supports my running habit. It's enough to pay for new shoes and entrance fees on a regular basis.

J has had a lot on his plate as of late. He switched from a rotating shift work schedule to a new position that allows more regular hours (though he still works a ton). He has been making up a lot of lost time with his responsibilities with the Elder's quorum in our ward that have sort of gone by the wayside over the last year or two with his previous exhausting work schedule. So, he's still gone quite a bit. But I see a new fire and light and energy in him. We've also been working like crazy to figure out what in the world is going on with his body. He can't seem to gain weight (this is only a problem if you are 6'2" and weigh less than 140 lbs. We think we've hit on something good and gratefully he has put gluten back in his diet. The biggest effort right now involves J applying to MBA school. We were going to wait another year, but had a pretty frank conversation a few weeks ago and decided that if this is what we know we want to do, we just need to go for it now. If we don't get in now because of the lateness of the application, we'll just do it again next year. But we feel like we've at least got to try. We don't exactly know what this is all going to look like just yet. The plan has been full time MBA program to get it done and finished, but we may pursue something more part-time. We don't know if it means staying here or going elsewhere. This is a big thing in our lives and once Christmas is over, it will probably consume most of our time for a little while. If you have suggestions on schools, programs, or other advise on career changes/moves, we are all ears. We're listening to everything right now to try to flesh out exactly what we want to have happen next. Happy thoughts and prayers are also always appreciated.

I promise we'll post pictures soon. It has been a long time, I know. Enjoy the holiday season and look for a Christmas card/New Year's card from us in the next few weeks. Merry Christmas!