Sunday, May 15, 2011

Belated Mother's Day

Let's start by saying that my two year old can't keep a secret. My L is just the best. On the day before Mother's Day my good husband had all three boys while I went to teach my morning Weight Watchers class and then to present at a Stake Relief Society Women's Conference. The boys ran some errands and unbeknown to me, picked up a Mother's Day present.

Later in the day we were all in the car going somewhere and Mother's Day came up. Mr. L from the back seat heard the words "Mother's Day" and yelled "Mommy. Mother's Day. Flowers!" Big brother sitting next to him sort of knows the virtue of secret keeping and just as ardently said, "We didn't get you anything, Mom, really. Nothing!" To which L again said, "Yes. Mommy. Mother's Day. Flowers!" And back and forth it went. J and I were in the front seat just laughing hysterically at the two arguing over weather or not I really had a Mother's Day present.

To say the least I had a great Mother's Day. I got to stay in bed until the breakfast of my choosing was ready (I don't really like the idea of breakfast IN bed). The boys ran from the kitchen to get me when Dad gave the word. They bombarded me with hugs and kisses (with three boys, bombarded is the perfect word). They pulled me to the kitchen and showed me that indeed they had picked out a spectacular pot of red-pink tulips. We had eggs and sausage--my all time favorite. All of J's regular before-church meetings were cancelled so I had extra help getting the boys ready for church. I tried to pull the "it's Mother's Day so wear what I want you to wear" card. It didn't work. Two temper tantrums and two personally picked out outfits were just fine by the end of the morning.

After church I got to take a nap. And thanks to my excellent planning skills, dinner was cooking away in the crockpot before we even left for church in the morning.

The boys set a lovely table, complete with China for the grown ups and a scrumptious homemade chocolate cake (I have an AMAZING husband who can turn whole wheat flour into unbelievable creations).

All in all, I felt so loved and so very much like the queen of the family. Some days are more physically demanding than I can almost bare with three busy boys. But I sure wouldn't trade them for anything else!

What a great day to be a woman and a mother!