Friday, May 23, 2008

Ultrasound Results

So the two-year-old called it! We're having another boy! We are so excited for A to have a new little brother. If we let A choose names his suggestions have included lollipop, brother, and ice cream cone. We took A to the doctor's office for the ultrasounds and he was just enthralled! All day he had been saying that we were going to doctor's office to see pictures of mommy's baby. It was very sweet. How fun this new adventure will be for all of us. Can't wait to reuse all the super cute boy clothes that my sisters, sister-in-laws, and friends have supplied us with over the last few years. And the new baby will be wearing clothes A outgrew during just the right seasons. I do keep telling all my sisters that they must hang on to their cute girl clothes, just in case down the road.... Until then, I'm going to enjoy being the mother of boys! This makes the sixteen boy of my parents 24 grandchildren. We love it!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's Been A While

The other day a new friend asked if I scrapbook. That was a resounding "no" on my part. Instead I blog, I told her. Well since I have have used blogging as a good excuse not to scrapbook, I have decided to renew my effort to update my blog more regularly. So here are a couple of updates and a few pictures:

Happy Mother's Day to me! I got a much longed for ipod. It's a little ipod shuffle that I can clip to me and run, walk, what ever to work out. It was such a suprise when I opened it. My husband said he's never seen me so excited over a gift before.

J took A to the Father and Son Campout with our Stake a few weeks ago. It was all A could talk about all week. He couldn't wait to roast hotdogs, marshmallows and sleep in a tent. He loved it!

We've been doing a ton of work in our yard this Spring. It feels like every spare second it spend doing some yard work, hauling dirt or mulch, tilling soil, planting trees and shrubs, cleaning up debris from last Fall and the Winter. Our son is such a trooper. He has a few of his own tools and pulls things around in his red wagon.