Monday, January 30, 2012

The Short List

I love to write. Really I do. I am making a commitment to myself to write a little more in this blog space of mine. Here's the short list of blogs posts that I've been turning over in my mind that I intend to write about soon, very soon.

1. Tangled and being in the middle of living my dream
2. The promise that my days would be lengthened
3. Amish love stories (really)
4. A tribute to some of my favorite artists and musicians
5. Great pictures of my kids

Quite the eclectic mix of topics. But these ideas are floating around in my mind and if I don't at least write down the ideas, I'm afraid I'll loose them for good.

In the mean time, today my seminary class was studying about King Saul in the book of 1 Samuel. One of the boys pointed out the verse that said that rebellion is like witchcraft and stubbornness is like idolatry. Wow did we have a rousing round of "ughs" from a few of my extra stubborn (using their own words) students. I've chuckled about it all day. How often do we take some level of pride in our stubbornness? Wouldn't it be great if we could learn a little better how to be more humble without having to be compelled to be humble?

I'll look forward to writing a few posts when I can make a few minutes over the next days and weeks. Check back now and again. It's nice to hear from you.