Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September Morning

The air is crisp today. The weather app on my phone tells me it is 54 degrees, sunny in Milton, New York.

As Liam, almost seven, stands in the middle of the kitchen, stripped down to his Batman boxer briefs, he tells me he is going to need a jacket. He then proceeds to wrestle on his black and gray polar fleece, hugging it tightly to his bare chest.

"It's so warm and fuzzy, Mom."
Especially if you are naked, buddy.

We rush through lunch prep. Peanut butter and Nutella for Liam. Sunflower butter and honey for Symon. Leftover enchiladas for Andrew. Carrots, grapes, and a piece of pumpkin cake with maple cream cheese frosting--last night's Family Home Evening treat--go in each Land's End lunch box.

A quick breakfast: a piece of ham and a piece of bread washed down with apple cider from Saratoga Apple (thanks, friend Brenda for bringing it over last night).

Brush teeth; no shoving, fighting or tears today! Progress.
"Andrew! Did you do your inhaler?"
"Where is the OnGuard?" Rub on feet. Avoid that back-to-school cold everyone always seems to get.
On go socks.
Folders and lunch boxes cram into backpacks.
Gym clothes for the fourth grader.

"I need a jacket, Mom," says Symon as he sees Liam put on his polar fleece, over his clothes this time.
Run to find a sweater.
Rummage through pile of shoes to find yours.
"Andrew will you get Symon's shoes out, too?"
"Hurry, Mom!"
"Go. Go."

I grab the first sweater I see in my closet and swoop out the front door, helping Symon on with his backpack. I can hear the squealing metal on metal of the bus breaks at the stop before ours.

"I love you, Mom."
"Love you, Mommy."
"Bye, Mom."

"Have a good day," I say as I finally slip on my own sweater. It is a pale blue floral/paisley print on a creamy background. It is soft inside. My sister, CeliAnne, gave it to me. I think I should take a selfie and send it to her to say thanks for such a fantastic sweater. I hug it close as I walk back from the bus stop to my house with the pots overflowing with purple petunias and a happy red door. It is a bit crisp today. But the sun in shining!