Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bears

I have to pay a belated tribute to my sweet husband. For our anniversary back in February, J heard me say that one of the things I miss most about my college home town was the chocolate covered Cinnamon bears. So what should arrive by mail from in sister-in-law in a beautiful little BYU Bookstore bag the day before our sixth anniversary? A happy little one pound package of chocolate covered Cinnamon bears. This week I ate the last blessed one! I stretched it out to last all these glorious weeks, eating one or two here and there. Now and again I shared. But mostly I just savored them myself.

These yummy bears of goodness bring back great memories of studying late into the night at the food-banning Library and sneaking in my bag of non-drowsy bears tucked in the deep recesses of my backpack. I remember 1/4 lb bag-fulls taken to International Cinema to enjoy while I watch Chinese and Latin American movies for my humanities classes. Best of all I remember buying bags by the pound during the two-day pilgrimage my sisters and mother and I would make to BYU Women's Conference every Spring. Oh how we bonded over those bears. I think we get it from my mother. It must be in my blood.

Thanks, good husband, for the wonderful walk down memory lane!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Of Pie and Buttered Bread: Thirteen Weeks

Today I am officially 13 weeks pregnant! My due date is October 8, though I will have a scheduled c-section about a week before that. We are so excited for A to be a big brother and are so greatful to have been blessed to be able to get pregnant again.

So here are a few of the interesting things that have been a part of this first trimester. This pregnancy has been similar to and different from my pregnacy with A.

I'll start with the things that are the same:
  • Food aversions. I can't stand the smell or taste of most meat, especially chicken. Though the thought of a good cheese burger has crossed my mind several times, especially if I dont' have to see or smell it cooking. I can't eat veggies, though occassionally I can stand a carrot or a piece of celery. Very few things sound appetizing.
  • I'm sick all day--none of this morning sickness business; it's an all-day affair.
  • I'm tired. All the time. Tired (that's why I haven't updated my blog in quite a while)

There are a few differences, too:

  • I love pie and cake. I eat it every single day (really). I especially like strawberry ruhbarb pie. With A I couldn't eat sugar. In some forms and in large quantities, it still makes me queezy.
  • With A I ate a lot of pizza (several times a week). With this baby it's buttered bread. I eat it for breakfast and snacks, and sometimes lunch or dinner. Carbs seem to be the only thing that really settles my stomach.
  • I am able to take a nap every day. Before, I would try to sneek in a power nap for 15 minutes in my car on my lunch break. Now I can sleep for a solid hour or so while A takes a nap. This helps so much because...
  • I can't sleep. I remember this happening before, but not this early. I can't get comfortable as I try to train myself not to sleep on my back.
  • My clothes don't fit. It seems like I could fit into my clothes for a lot longer before. Though I have to admit it is probably because this is my second child and I bought a bunch of new clothes when I lost all that weight and they were very trim. I'm going to have to go buy an intermediate size pair of pants until maternity clothes actually fit.
  • I'm trying hard to exercise. I rarely did anything until I was in my third trimester with A. I get in a good, brisk walk and even an occassional run on my tredmill a few times a week. I'm hoping with warmer weather and less queeziness in the second trimester it will make that a little easier. It better help because I've been eating a whole lot o' pie!

Here's one quick funny thing that happened to me the other day. I was so sick and trying to get lunch ready. We have several children's small plastic plates from Ikea, each one a different color. When I opened the cupboard door to get out lunch plates, I saw the orange and lime-green plates stacked on top of each other. In that moment that I saw those colors together, a wave a nausea came over me and I thought I'd throw up right then. That was a first. Smells have always bothered me, pregnant or not. Foods are bad. But, come on, the sight of colored kids plates! I can't wait until this phase is over. It usually lasts into week 15 or so. Here's hoping it doesn't keep going like it does with some of my sisters!

I can't get our scanner to work so I can't get the ultra sound picture we have to post. I'll work on it. I'll have another appointment in a couple of weeks and hopefully be able to show off those pictures.