Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Today on the phone one of my sisters asked me how I was adjusting to life with three kids. I was happy to say that we are doing well and seem to be settling in. Life isn't without its crazy moments, like the point this afternoon when I turned around to see what L was doing in the kitchen only to find him standing ON the counter chewing at least three pieces of gum that he had gotten out of the cupboard by his not-yet-two-year-old self. Gum is one of his favorite words and favorite things.

Today's life lesson: put the gum on a higher shelf.

Honestly I think his mischievous nature is bubbling up rapidly right now because he is adjusting to big brother being gone to full day Kindergarten and he doesn't have anyone besides his mostly immobile baby brother to distract his sly tendencies. But this new school schedule has given mom and middle son sweet bonding time. I'm surprised, when I look back, on how much less attention my younger son has received, simply by being the second child and time got divided. Older brother, A, is a chatter box and can articulate everything he wants/needs/feels/sees/thinks very well. My days used to be a constant conversation, albeit somewhat limited in scope (think like an almost five year old--bugs, outer space, dinosaurs, roller coasters, soccer--and I'm pretty much an expert).

One of my goals with A starting kindergarten was to spend more quality one on one time with L. It has really paid off. He is sweet, fun, and learning to talk so much more. In the last week I've read a ton of books to him. His interest in book used to be minimal. Now it has exploded. I think the above picture is adorable. I happened across L "reading" to his baby brother. We spend our days reading and singing and dancing. L's got the musical gift of the family. Boy does he have pitch and rhythm. The ABC song is a staple. I think he sings it unconsciously. It reminds me of the way my dad whistles. You just know he's there by the music he's making.

He's a joy to be around, even when he's ravenously engorging himself on Raspberry Lemon Obitz gum behind my back.